• All products are available at our workshop in Molong, at any events we attend. Our retail outlets carry a comprehensive selection of our products.
  • Trade/retail outlets contact Jasmin at jasmin@greentreespreserves.com.au or on (02) 53167040 directly to discuss the most economical and practical transportation method for your requirements.
  • Unless otherwise stated all product quantities are net 300g per jar.

Choose your favourites and place an order with Jasmin through email jasmin@greentreespreserves.com.au. Click here to download the Order Form and choose your preferred products. Please email a copy of your completed order to the address at the top of the order form. Jasmin will then send you an account which you can pay online.

Our Butters must be stored in a fridge or cooler at all times therefore we only sell them at markets straight out of our cooler or from our workshop in Molong. Customers are advised to bring a cooler to store the butters in once purchased. Retail outlets can also sell our butters provided they have the facilities to keep them cold.

Lemon Butter


Passionfruit Butter